• The Tribe

    Dir. Miroslav Slaboshpitsky | 2014 | Spine No. 30

    Set at a Ukrainian boarding school for the deaf, the film’s narrative unfolds purely through sign language without a need for employing subtitles or voiceover, resulting in a unique, never-before-seen cinematic experience that engages the audience on a new level.

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Winner of the 2014 Cannes International Critics’ Week Award

Somewhere in Ukraine, Sergey enters a specialized boarding school for the deaf.

Alone in this new and unfamiliar place, he must find his way through the school’s hierarchy. Sergey quickly encounters the tribe, a student gang dealing in crime and prostitution. After passing their hazing rituals and being inducted into the group, he takes part in several robberies and begins to work his way up the chain of command to become pimp-protector for two of the girls, who turn tricks at the local truck stop. Finding himself in love with one of the, Sergey ultimately breaks all the unwritten rules of the tribe, with tragic consequences.

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